Acting History

This page lists an overview of the variety of roles Dermod has played.

On stage in Ireland and the UK:

  • A Moon for the Misbegotten, Phil Hogan (Lantern Theatre, Paddy Funge dir.)
  • Desire under the Elms, Simeon Cabot (Lantern Theatre, Tom Hickey dir.)
  • Ring around the Moon, Son-in-Law (Gate Theatre, Hilton Edwards dir.)
  • Macbeth, Seyton (Lantern Theatre, Paddy Funge dir.)
  • A Doll’s House, Torvald Helmer (Project Theatre, Hugh Kearns dir.)
  • Hatchet, Ha Ha (Embankment, Eamon Draper dir.)
  • Ghosts, Engstrad (Lantern Theatre, Paddy Funge dir.)
  • All the Candles in your Head, The Man (Project Theatre, Jim Sheridan dir.)
  • Kiss Me Bogart, three different character roles (Project Theatre, Hugh Kearns dir.)
  • A Walk on the Water, Owen (Lantern Theatre, Paddy Funge dir.)
  • Pictures in the Hallway, five different character roles (Lantern Theatre, Paddy Funge dir.)
  • A Month in the Country, Doctor (Focus Theatre, Mary Burke Kennedy dir.)
  • The Little Foxes, Father (Focus Theatre, Tom Hickey dir.)
  • Velvet Abattoir, Nietzsche (Focus Theatre, Tom Hickey dir.)
  • Hold Your Hour, Mr Crippin (Eblana Theatre, Brian McLoughlainn dir.)
  • All My Sons, Joe Keller (Eblana Theatre, Peter Sheridan dir.)
  • Twilight for a Romantic, Alcoholic Actor (Focus Theatre, David Byrne dir.)
  • In The Cellar, Fit Old Man (Focus Theatre, David Byrne dir.)
  • Of Mice and Men, Boss (New Theatre, Tim McDonnell dir.)
  • Monserrat, The Actor (Hampstead, Harry Landis dir.)

On Tour – USA/Canada/Australia:

  • Once Upon a Bloom, James Joye and the Rabbi (4 Square Productions, Dave Pallau dir.)
  • All My Sons, Joe Keller (4 Square Productions, Steve Martin dir.)
  • The Price, Gregori Solomon (4 Square Productions, Steve Martin dir.)
  • Re: Joyce,  James Joyce & 12 different character roles, (One Man Show, Pat Layde dir.)
  • Behan off the Cuff, Brendan Behan (One Man Show, Don Conroy dir.)
  • Purgatory, lead role (Celtic Dawn Productions, Dermod Lynskey dir.)
  • Death of Cu Chulainn, lead role (Celtic Dawn Productions, Denis Regan dir.)
  • Shadow of the Glen, Old Man (Milwaukee Rep. Co., Dermod Lynskey dir.)
  • Da, Da (Celtic Dawn Productions, Don Conroy dir.)
  • Sive, Pats Bacock (Milwaukee Rep. Co., Don Conroy dir.)
  • The Cat and the Moon, Blind Man (Milwaukee Rep. Co., Todd Palicki dir.)
  • Philadelphia Here I Come, Tom (Milwaukee Rep. Co., Denis Regan dir.)
  • Shadow of a Gunman, Donal Davoren (Milwaukee Rep. Co., Denis Regan dir.)

Film & Television:

  • Bruscar, Larry Litter (John Gleeson dir.) TV
  • The Martyrs, Torturer (Kieran Tanham dir.) TV
  • Our Boys, Priest (Cathal Black dir.)
  • A Crack in the Shell, Old Man (Kieran Tanham dir.)
  • Bachelors Walk, Medical Orderly (John Carney dir.)
  • The Escapist, Prison Officer (Giles MacKinnon dir.) film
  • C Oblique O, Professor/Leading Man (Brian Hand dir.) film
  • Colour Blind, The Colonel (Brian Tyrrell dir.) film
  • Premiss, Lead (Bryan Tyrrell dir.) film
  • Up for Air, School Teacher (Richie Conroy dir.) short film
  • The Taxed Man, Himself (Don Conroy dir.) short film
  • Fran, Club Manager/Spectator/Referee (Richie Conroy/Mark Hodkinson directors) short film
  • Flowers For Marlene, Lead Role (Don Conroy dir.) short film
  • Dark Dreamer, Lead Role (Don Conroy dir.) short film


  • Mack & Mabel, Mack Sennet (Tom Singleton dir.)
  • Promises Promises, Mr Dobitch  (Tom Singleton dir.)
  • Kiss Me Kate, Father  (Tom Singleton dir.)
  • Annie Get Your Gun, Sitting Bull (Tom Singleton dir.)
  • How to Succeed In Business, Mail Room Boss & Owner (Tom Singleton dir.)